That girl pictured above is me, after I’d lost over 3 stone on a ketogenic diet the first time (over 3 years ago). What’s bad is that I’m currently at a new highest ever weight, but what’s even worse is that at the time this photo was taken, I still thought I was fat. I was so much happier and more confident, I just wish I’d realised that at the time instead of comfort eating because I was too busy comparing myself to everyone else to realise that I had a great figure.

So, that photo was taken in July 2014. 5 months earlier, in February 2014, I had just finished 3 months on Lipotrim, a low calorie meal replacement diet available through pharmacies, going from 14 stone to 11 stone in just 3 months.



10 stone was my original goal, but I never got there. My lowest ever weight was 10st 3, which I achieved through low-carb eating and periodically using the Slim & Save plan in the following year after losing the weight.



However, maintaining the weight loss is even harder than losing it, and a year after finishing Lipotrim, the weight was starting to creep on. I went on my first ever holiday abroad in September 2015, weighing 13 stone, and I felt disgusting. By March 2016, I was back at 14 stone again, but what’s more horrific is that in the next 4 months I’d put on yet another stone, taking me to a new high of 15 stone.



I started Lipotrim again in July 2016, this time losing 3½ stone in 3½ months (15 stone to 11½ stone). I weighed half a stone more than before, but my measurements were the same and I felt great, however it was short-lived.


Due to the time of year and my Nan passing away, the weight quickly piled back on. As I write this, in June 2018, I’ve somehow managed to reach my highest ever weight of just over 15 stone! I’m anxious, I’m unfit, my clothes don’t fit, I don’t have the confidence to go anywhere, the list goes on.


I’ve started a low-carb, low-calorie diet again for the third and final time on the 8th June 2018, and this time I’m going to document my journey to keep me motivated and hopefully inspire others.

Wish me luck!

Charlotte J.